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The Gallows Tree, Issue 3




The Gallows Tree (issue the third)




The third issue of the Gallows Tree aims at taking a closer look at all things toxic. This includes syringes, pills and powders, pints, mysterious liquids and pub crawls, as well as people and relationships. Write about the highs and the lows, the uppers and downers, the smoke and the hallucinations, the tears and the joy.

You are invited to introduce characters that are intoxicating, or that will go on intoxicated adventures, high as a kite on Molly and Crystal, wasted and smashed on smack and dope, those who go through the DT’s and withdrawal or those who meet the ghosts of overdoses.

The mere quest for reasons why individuals reach for poison could be at the centre of your work, or the notions why a person could be perceived as toxic. I look forward to your tales of substance abuse and verses of tainted relationships.


Simon (editor of The Gallows Tree)


Possible entries in English:

short story (2.000 - 10.000 words)

flash fiction (250 - 1.000 words)

up to 3 poems (60 lines maximum total)

Formats: .doc, .pdf


Authors are invited to submit illustrations/photographs/artwork with their texts.

All works must be previously unpublished. The rights remain with the author.

All selected entries will be published as a hardcopy in 2024.

No entry fee. Contributors receive one complimentary copy.


Send submissions to: [email protected]

Deadline: June 30 2024